Go-ing on Vay-KAAAAAAYYY-shun!

I got to Waukesha and Jen was crying. Or she was within a few minutes. I met up with Joe, Raul, Jen and Christy at Ambassador around 8:40 (but Jen couldn’t have told you that) on the eve of my flight to Los Angeles for the second spring break in a row. So my big sis was most of the way through her first bottle of wine (after a pitcher of Leinie’s) and I was met with the startling revelation that SHE HADN’T PACKED YET. It was an entertaining evening out, anyway, and a fine send off to springtime debauchery.

All things on the flight went well; we watched Friends on the laptop and Jen took a slight nap. The surprising thing was that neither one of us suffered any ill alcohol effects. Or if we did, we were just sitting there and it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Oh, I did notice that it’s more entertaining to travel with a partner than by yourself. I dunno how long you’ve known me, but if you recall, I flew all over the place last year from Bozeman, always solo. The superior thing about the partner is you can make lots of jokes that only the two of you understand or laugh at. So that was good.

We rented a white Cavalier from Alamo, and the guy at the counter was a quiet mumbler. It was horrifically frustrating. For all I know, I agreed to pay $400/day for this ride. Jen got a little freaked out once we got on the freeway and I told her I had to “start driving like I’m in California,” which I’m fairly certain my cousin Adam can totally appreciate.

Went to lunch at Marina Pastries on Wilshire and it was fairly average as sandwich joints go. The bread was good. Jen and I both accidentally ate some meat.

Later on, there was a shopping trip to the promenade off Santa Monica because I totally forgot to bring sunglasses with me and we also needed a travel guide for San Francisco.

Nice to be in town and see the gang. We had the windows down in the car, the sun was shining, there’s no bloody snow at all.

Follow this link (or the one at the top of the page) for pictures.

See you tomorrow…

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