First of all, I need to show you this, which used to be on Petters’s site, and did I mention that he is frighteningly near to getting that sucker back online? But, while you consider which of our two “Internet Communities” you’re going to commit full-time to, ask yourself this question: where has Nick been for the past year and a half?

Anyway, look at this link:

I thought of looking at this equation again when I realized fairly recently that of all the women in my office (I am one of two males employed by the department, and the other works *maybe* 10 hours a week) can’t stand each other. If anyone ever asked directly, I’m sure accusations would be met with denial, but since I’m the only non-female and I really don’t rustle anyone’s feathers, I get to hear about everyone from everyone else. They make with the gossiping plenty! It’s probably the most unique work situation I’ve been in. I wonder if it’s like this wherever the estrogen is so thick in the air.

Last night I watched 6.2 episodes of ’24,’ completing the first season; I hadn’t watched that one, I got hooked in @ season #2. If you watch the show, you can appreciate how much more I hated that goddamned Nina Myers after watching this season. Oohhh, she was evil.


Yeah, I’m trying to coordinate the aquisition of a sofa from Jim Droste this week (by Thursday, so yeah, 2 days to go) in part so that when/if Wordell stays over on Saturday (which I expect he will) he has a place to sleep. I was gonna have Kevin help me out w/ it yesterday, but that fell through. I’m hoping to a similar program in motion on Thursday, but it’s time for Jim to ‘complete his training ,’ so time could be sticky.

I’m sure something’ll work out.

Meanwhile, I also need a haircut. I should go do that today. Yeah today, I won’t have time the rest of the week. Definitely today.

Sorry; this is boring. Have you looked at the files?

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