Hardy Upgrade

I decided that I would use this blog as a repository for my adventures in Ubunt-ing as well as all the normal day-to-day shit that makes up my existence.  That said, unless you give a shit about computers and geek-related stuff like that– nothin’ for you to see here…

I got an email last week that said Ubuntu 8.04 was now officially in beta, with a release due the latter half of next month.  I’m not really very good at being a tester or submitting info about bugs, but… ah, well.  After reading over the release notes for the beta,  there’s a lot of stuff worth getting a look at.

I couldn’t remember if I still had that second hard drive installed in my desktop machine or not.  Fortunately, I did create a separate partition for /home the last time I installed, so everything else is only running at about 4 gigs.  I was ready to do a backup to DVD, but it turned out that second drive IS in there.  Just made a copy of the partition in GParted, and then started up the graphical upgrade tool in Gutsy.  Still downloading all the new packages right now, but I’ll have more to say about the switchover soon…

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