Justin Roth House Concert Today!

Like I was saying the other day, not a lot of personal news of note, but there is this wee tidbit:  Justin Roth‘s show at the Mundschau house this evening at 8pm!

I know there’s room for you if you’re still interested in making your way over… Jen and Joe live at 6425 W Wisconsin Ave.  Food will be served starting at 7, and the music gets going at 8.  I’m sure it’s going to be a good time.

Two things I’m looking forward to– I have to get Justin to sign a photo of himself that Christy took a number of years ago.  He’s sitting behind the wheel of my Festiva.  It’s a funny picture.  I’m also going to FINALLY buy Shine, which I have borrowed from people, but never actually purchased myself.  Oops.

Back to work for the time being…

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