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Yes, I Have Been Taking Some Photographs

There’s been some barking over the last week or so about the lack of new photos (of my apartment, in particular).  Rest assured, I have taken photos and you’ll all have a chance to see them.  First things first, though: a month later, please take a look at the handful of shots from Jen and Joe’s Justin Roth House Concert.  They are in the Milwaukee gallery.

Have to get back to making dinner now– I have plans to go to Mayfair to see Batman, and the show’s on in less than 2 hours.

Justin Roth House Concert Today!

Like I was saying the other day, not a lot of personal news of note, but there is this wee tidbit:  Justin Roth‘s show at the Mundschau house this evening at 8pm!

I know there’s room for you if you’re still interested in making your way over… Jen and Joe live at 6425 W Wisconsin Ave.  Food will be served starting at 7, and the music gets going at 8.  I’m sure it’s going to be a good time.

Two things I’m looking forward to– I have to get Justin to sign a photo of himself that Christy took a number of years ago.  He’s sitting behind the wheel of my Festiva.  It’s a funny picture.  I’m also going to FINALLY buy Shine, which I have borrowed from people, but never actually purchased myself.  Oops.

Back to work for the time being…

Just a Couple Weeks to Go!

Justin Roth is going to be playing that house concert at Jen & Joe’s in just two weeks.  If you can make it, shoot Jen an email to let her know…  It should be a lot of fun! Here’s another Justin tune from YouTube.

I Assure You They're Open

Jen and Joe are doing something pretty cool at their house later this summer– they’re having Justin Roth over for a house concert. I’ve been thinking that they have a nice venue for such a show pretty much… well, since they moved in there.

In my experience, house concerts are the most fun when you have people who really enjoy the artist there for the show. I went with the Kiefers once to see Chris Cunningham (of Storyhill) all the way over in Lodi. And cool as our friends and family may be, they’re not all necessarily hip to the Roth-jive. I encouraged Jen & Joe to offer to make the show open to the public, just because they would most assuredly draw some extra bodies that way. They agreed.

So despite what Justin’s current schedule might indicate for Friday, June 20, let me be clear on this point– ALL ARE WELCOME, but reservations ARE REQUIRED. You can contact Jen for that– jenjedi at soloshootsfirst dot com. I am going to try to spin some Justin tracks more often on the last.fm stream as we lead up to the show… He’s also got a MySpace page if you’re into that sort of thing. And some video on YouTube:

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