Back To It, I Suppose

So I was out of town for the rest of the week after election day, and then we had a birthday-riffic weekend to recognize Michelle’s 29th (good times were had by all, as far as I know).

I guess I just got a late jump on my post-election news hangover.  What are we going to follow every second of every day for the next few months?  Is there still a war in Iraq or anything?  There’s got to be something I can read about and analyze from 30 different angles, right?

Between the election season and the summer’s baseball season, I was constantly plugged into something, and the amount of information to consume on either topic was close to endless.  Maybe instead of combing the ‘tubes trying to fill my RSS reader back up, I should pull a Violator for a little while and enjoy the silence.

Have a good Monday…

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