Cold Turkey

The election is over, my friends, but they won’t set us free.  Gene Johnson reports for the AP that Sarah Palin is sorting her campaign trail wardrobe to return the clothes, and…


I would love to be the first to start a trend: I offer up my personal guarantee that from this post forward, will be entirely Palin-free!  The next time you will read her name is if by some ungodly chance she declares candidacy for president in 2012.

I see the GOP’s loss as the American people’s gain on this front.  I won’t let you down, and I encourage my readers with their own sites/blogs to do the same.   Oh yes, we can.

4 thoughts on “Cold Turkey”

  1. I don’t think of going “Palin-free” as a slight against *her* at all– it’s a slight against the media that keeps following up on these non-stories. When has the governor of Alaska ever been interesting before? I feel that at this point, she has gone back to “uninteresting,” and hence, I am moving on.

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