Replacement Prognostication, Week 10

* I realized late the my prediction post never made it up on Friday.  I usually write it ahead of time, then just schedule it to post on Fridays.  Forgot to sched. this week.  Oops.  Anyway, I swear these were the calls I made…

I’ve been having a couple decent weeks at this predictificating.  Even though I’ve been off the webs for the most part over the last few days here in DC, I remain confident in my developing “skillz.”  Some exciting matchups here in Week 10!


  • Packers – win
  • Bears – lose
  • Vikings – lose
  • Lions – lose
  • Chiefs – lose
  • Dolphins – lose win lose win
  • Seahawks – win lose win lose

Michelle’s b-day party is Saturday @ her place in Milwaukee, so if you’re in the ‘hood, give us a call and stop by!

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