A Fairly Non-Descript Day

Not too much to report for this Thursday on a personal level.  Ohh– here’s something: I did have a little “phone envy” when Michelle finally got her LG Voyager and I had a chance to play with it.  I did NOT opt for that phone back in August when I was shopping because I thought the touch screen would be a hassle for me to use.  After spending some time with hers, it seems like that probably wouldn’t be the case.  Ah, well.  In a couple years, there’ll probably be an even better and more affordable “all-touch-screen” option on the market (LG’s Dare is just too pricey at this point).

I heard some news about a friend that I apparently could have gotten earlier if only I was out there on the stupid Facebook.  I have considered the possibility of trolling those pages just to hear from people or find out the latest news, but I haven’t brought myself to do it yet.  At this point, it’s still just a random consideration.

It seems like I see stories of some of our nation’s dumbest with Wisconsin datelines too often.  Here’s one from Sheboygan: Man accused of urinating on arresting officer.  Classy.

This was delightful to see, too– just after I was able to say that all the computers in my house operate USB devices at 2.0 speed, here comes USB 3.  Dammit.

And, I’m sorry, but this Nebraska safe-haven story is just unbelievable– this quote just KILLS me:

With legislators set to convene on Friday, weary parents like the Lincoln mother have been racing to drop off their children while they still can.

I still think that mandatory birth control is an idea worth looking into…

That is all the random drudgery I can muster for now; enjoy your Thursday evening!

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  1. Just a quick follow-up: that Facebook idea was easy to debunk, since I would have to “log in” to see everyone’s profile. Well, that’s not happening, so…

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