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Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!

What a wonderful synergy of delivers at my home and work today– I made a rare midday run back to my apartment, where I found that my SATA cables had arrived by mail.  The FedEx doortag that I was hoping to see wasn’t there yet, but things got even better very quickly: I was in the house about five minutes, making a sandwich, when the doorbell rang and the dude dropped off my replacement phone.

At work, the UPS guy dropped off my new harddrive and video card to get the TV box rokkin once again– I am looking forward to being able to watch my Internetty TV on a normal-sized television.  From the couch.  It WILL ROCK.

Fifteen minutes to go…

Fun With Sounds

I think it’s fair to say that Dave and I try to maintain a modicum of weirdness non-normalcy uniqueness in our lives.  We were talking a little this morning about how I’ve updated the ringer on my phone to a naval general alarm you might hear on a surface vessel, and he was planning to use the “Cliff Hangers” song from the Price Is Right on his.  Then Dave struck gold on the UTubes!

A Fairly Non-Descript Day

Not too much to report for this Thursday on a personal level.  Ohh– here’s something: I did have a little “phone envy” when Michelle finally got her LG Voyager and I had a chance to play with it.  I did NOT opt for that phone back in August when I was shopping because I thought the touch screen would be a hassle for me to use.  After spending some time with hers, it seems like that probably wouldn’t be the case.  Ah, well.  In a couple years, there’ll probably be an even better and more affordable “all-touch-screen” option on the market (LG’s Dare is just too pricey at this point).

I heard some news about a friend that I apparently could have gotten earlier if only I was out there on the stupid Facebook.  I have considered the possibility of trolling those pages just to hear from people or find out the latest news, but I haven’t brought myself to do it yet.  At this point, it’s still just a random consideration.

It seems like I see stories of some of our nation’s dumbest with Wisconsin datelines too often.  Here’s one from Sheboygan: Man accused of urinating on arresting officer.  Classy.

This was delightful to see, too– just after I was able to say that all the computers in my house operate USB devices at 2.0 speed, here comes USB 3.  Dammit.

And, I’m sorry, but this Nebraska safe-haven story is just unbelievable– this quote just KILLS me:

With legislators set to convene on Friday, weary parents like the Lincoln mother have been racing to drop off their children while they still can.

I still think that mandatory birth control is an idea worth looking into…

That is all the random drudgery I can muster for now; enjoy your Thursday evening!

I'm Gonna Start Forwarding THIS Stuff…

Sorry for all the microblogging, but I’m coming across good tidbits here and there.

Remember that telemarketers will not and CANNOT call your cell phone.

And of course, our friend and colleague Joe Knitt would just tell you not to get a cell phone.

    • and a ‘PS’ Just to clarify– Joe Knitt did NOT pen the above-linked tale…