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As recently mentioned in other Internet quarters around the globe, making “resolutions” for activities or behaviors that one wishes to undertake around January 1 is completely arbitrary.  If you decide that you should be doing something different with your life, you should probably just do it.

I think the spirit of the “New Year’s Resolution,” though, is that if you HAVEN’T been taking stock of your various states of affairs throughout the year, maybe the turn of another year will make you pause and reflect.  And while reflecting on your past year, maybe it will dawn on you that some things need to change.

A friend and I have been talking over the last couple days about the litany of tasks that we have been procrastinating on for various lengths of time, all of them too long.  We’re going to make a concerted effort to hold each other accountable to completing these things over the course of these coming months.

One of the things that didn’t make my list was returning to my blog; I figure that you, O Internet, can hold me accountable for that.  I really fell off the wagon when I was working up in Oshkosh again, and I never made the time to get back to it when I started working in Madison.

So anyway, why not a new start in a new year?  Like all of the things that I’m going to be writing in 2011, please don’t expect consistent quality.  Just expect consistent content, which, in and of itself, is likely to breed higher quality over time.

Starting It Off

Thought I should try to get 2009 off to a solid blogging start– so here I am, a short 15 hours after we stopped drinking in the new year…

Had a very nice birthday and new year’s party.  Jen and Joe were nice enough to let me use the house for the bulk of the gathering, and I feel like everybody had a good time.  I might have actually been one of the first ones to hit the sack when I crashed on the couch at about 4:45 AM.  When we woke up late in the morning, Lorch was en route with coffee in hand, and we were able to have a visit with him, too.

If we missed you (some folks who weren’t able to make it or had their progress on the way in stunted), here’s hoping we can get together soon.

Hope your holidays were joyous and memorable, and I wish you the best as you begin the year.

Just In Case You Missed It and Other Holiday Items

Howdy.  Got a lot of good “workin” done for a change today, so I have to be quick on the bloggeration front.

Wanted to put a post out here to make anyone digesting soloshootsfirst via RSS that there is news on my New Year’s Eve plans, and a special page on the site dedicated to it.  Some of the plans are still in flux, but there definitely WILL be a party, in a specific place (or two), at [a] specific time(s), and this is one of my favorite things: really easy for visitors to the site to post comments on the page for all to see in relation to the party.  So if you have thoughts, ideas, or feedback, feel free.

That’s the last mention I’ll have of the party in the blog itself until the day gets much much closer…

In case you are looking for some gift suggestions for me during the holiday season (and it’s just a coincidence that this is brought up after the birthday shindig), there’s a page for that, too.  I will be updating it periodically if I get other ideas, so it may be worth checking more than once.

What else ya got?  Schrubbe pointed me to a post yesterday about how Caprica is getting the green light on the SciFi channel.  Seems like there’s some potential there.  But mostly it makes me think about how season 4b of BSG is going to be starting on January 16.  Who wants to have a catch-up watch party in advance?  After the new year, maybe?

OK, half an hour to go; better do something…

Welcome To the Saddle. Please Climb In.

After what feels like at least a 2-week period of not-being-at-work-too-often, time to settle in for the month of December and the home stretch of the fall semester.  This time of year is usually peppered with students who forgot they had a bill to pay to go to school, but even more of them are too busy catching up on all the work they haven’t done all semester long.  So it should be slow, but steady.

At home, I’m going to be focusing on decorating my house for the holidays this week, and getting a jump on shopping.  I have a number of gifts already planned and noted, so it’s just a matter of getting out on the ‘tubes to do the buying.  I’ll also be finishing up a bit of writing, and getting together a plan for New Year’s Eve / my birthday.  FYI, the party is set for Wauwatosa and the Mundschau house, more details to come…

I don’t know how you feel about it, but it seems like the signs of winter are in full force: snow on the ground, Christmas season is here, Red Arrow park is open for skating…  Enjoy your holiday season!  Hopefully I’ll be able to focus enough to work, too.

Sending Out the Belated Holiday Wishes


So the Christmas snuck up on, and then snuck past me. Hope you enjoyed yours. It was nice around here. We were over at Grandma’s house on the 22nd, and Michelle and I swung by the Behling’s, too. It’s always nice to see everybody. Hard to believe how grown up all the Bock kids are getting…

I was kind of sick on the 23rd and 24th, but I managed to visit the Mark Bock house on Sunday for the goddamned Packers game, which was nice, despite the outcome for GB. Being on the road in the playoffs might not be a bad thing for this group… Then on Monday (Christmas Eve), I slept in late to try to get some rest before riding up to Michelle’s aunt & uncle’s house in Sheboygan for dinner and a visit to her grandma. I didn’t go over to Grandma’s, what with my sickness and stuff.

On Christmas Day, Michelle hosted the family get-together at her apartment downtown. I had my doubts about how that was going to work, but she made it happen. It was definitely successful, and proof positive that you can make things happen in whatever space is available if you think creatively about it.

Today, I worked a little bit on the web server, realizing that I have a lot out there that could use cleaning up, and then Michelle and I went out to brave the mobs at the mall. I stood in a line at Kohl’s for a while, but we had a fine time browsing the post-holiday deals.

Can’t believe tomorrow is already Thursday. DEFINITELY glad that I don’t have to be back to work until next Wednesday, and it will be a short week to get back into the swing of things. For the rest of this week, I’ll probably be busy with party preparation here at my house. Got a lot to clean up and shop for before Monday. I’m definitely looking forward to having folks over and ringing in the new year.

Hope to see you soon, but if not– have a great week and a happy new year.