Starting It Off

Thought I should try to get 2009 off to a solid blogging start– so here I am, a short 15 hours after we stopped drinking in the new year…

Had a very nice birthday and new year’s party.  Jen and Joe were nice enough to let me use the house for the bulk of the gathering, and I feel like everybody had a good time.  I might have actually been one of the first ones to hit the sack when I crashed on the couch at about 4:45 AM.  When we woke up late in the morning, Lorch was en route with coffee in hand, and we were able to have a visit with him, too.

If we missed you (some folks who weren’t able to make it or had their progress on the way in stunted), here’s hoping we can get together soon.

Hope your holidays were joyous and memorable, and I wish you the best as you begin the year.

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