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A Slowdown

I’ve noticed that when things are particularly slow at work (they have been the last couple days), it actually makes blogging more difficult.  I think my brain might’ve gone on spring break.

Speaking of the break, things have sure changed here in the ol’ UW System– Osh Vegas will be rokkin class in full effect on 3/17, but here in Pantherville we will be quasi-shut down for a software upgrade during the break.  I wonder if there is anyone left IN Oshkosh to tell the students the legends of the riots and the reason it was “students verboten” on St. Patty’s for such a long time.  I know Jim Droste is still there, but probably would not care to fan those flames  😛

Other than that, Michelle and I and a couple other friends are going to give skiing one last go on Sunday, before the season ends for good.  It’s not looking that great, even up in Mt. Morris where we’re planning to go.  It’s gonna be cheap, though, so we’re looking forward to it.  I had my bike out once and rode to work at the end of last week, though, so I’m thinking spring is right around the corner.

Empty List!

This is the first time in the history of my instant messaging that I signed on to see a COMPLETELY empty buddy list. Glad that everyone is getting out for the weekend.

I’m just working on some crap w/ the computer quick before Joe shows up so we can head to Mt. Morris. We’re going to help Uncle Bob w/ some computing and telephone stuff @ the retirement home, I guess.

Kind of a bummer that I started running a task on my laptop that I didn’t think would take that long, but as it turns out, is going to last about 4 hours. Hence, no laptop at the cottage for me. Probably not too big a deal; I rarely use the computer when I’m traveling on the weekend, but of course, if I don’t have it, I’ll probably be thinking about it the whole time.

If you didn’t have a chance to take a look at my Flickrs lately, I moved into a new office this week, so that’s something new. I have a window now. Being able to see out is nice. The breeze is good, too.

I think Joe might be here, so I’m gonna roll. Good weekends, y’all.