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A Slowdown

I’ve noticed that when things are particularly slow at work (they have been the last couple days), it actually makes blogging more difficult.  I think my brain might’ve gone on spring break.

Speaking of the break, things have sure changed here in the ol’ UW System– Osh Vegas will be rokkin class in full effect on 3/17, but here in Pantherville we will be quasi-shut down for a software upgrade during the break.  I wonder if there is anyone left IN Oshkosh to tell the students the legends of the riots and the reason it was “students verboten” on St. Patty’s for such a long time.  I know Jim Droste is still there, but probably would not care to fan those flames  😛

Other than that, Michelle and I and a couple other friends are going to give skiing one last go on Sunday, before the season ends for good.  It’s not looking that great, even up in Mt. Morris where we’re planning to go.  It’s gonna be cheap, though, so we’re looking forward to it.  I had my bike out once and rode to work at the end of last week, though, so I’m thinking spring is right around the corner.

An Awfully Good Sunday

Michelle and I took a ride up to Nordic Mountain today so I could try out my new skis, and we could work on our plan to ski as much as we can [afford to] this season.  It went great.  The new equipment that Michelle got me for Christmas and my birthday is going to serve me well for a good long time.  Jen and Joe were also right about my boots; they were exactly the right size, they’ll just take time to break in.  After a few runs, I had forgotten the agonizing lengths I had to go to just to get them on…

Meanwhile, in the NFL, I went a lousy 1-3 in my Wild Card Weekend picks.  At least the one that I got right was a Vikings loss.  Funny epilogue to that comment– we ate dinner at Fratello’s in Oshkosh after our ski day.  We had missed the end of the football game (they had it on in the bar at the hill, but we left part way through the 4th quarter), and I asked our waiter if the Vikings lost.  He told me they did and I gave him an enthusiastic, Borat-style, double-thumbs-up.  “Yeah,” he said, “I’m from Minnesota.”  Haha.  Don’t worry about it; we tipped him well…

But now I’m tired and I’m going to bed.  I did fall once today too (trying to stop too fast at the end of a run) and I think I sprained my right thumb.  That’s my spacebar thumb, so this typing kind of hurts.  Sleep tight!

Prepare for Your Weekend!!

First of all, I need to mention that THE NORDIC MOUNTAIN PEOPLE FOUND MY DAMN CAR KEY. HOLY LIVING CRAP. With that in mind, Michelle and I may make another run over there on Sunday if the weather’s OK. You wanna go?

Anyway, then last week I was listening the Brewers in spring training, and getting excited about the new baseball season, and I let my temptations get the best of me– I dug out my copy of the last MLB baseball game that EA Sports released (MVP Baseball 2005), which is not a particularly fantastic game, but it does let one run a “franchise” for up to 150 years, so I played the game this week. I played it too much, as usual (with the sports games in particular).

But, I had my fun, and now I’ve returned the CDs to my drawer at work, and it’s back to business at the homestead. Michelle is “staying in” this evening since she has to be up early for a cheer competition tomorrow, and that suits me just fine, since I was thinking of staying at home tonight anyway. Here’s my list of things I want or need to get done on Friday night:

– clean up all laundry
– clean up all dishes
– pick up the junk laying around the living room
– sort out/through ski clothing
– watch and return the current Netflixs
– scan in and shred some bills from the last month or so
– devise a plan for the balance of the weekend

There is a Bucks game on Saturday, and I haven’t been to the BC for one of those in almost 2 years. Is that right? I should ask Schneider, he’s great with calendars…

Oh, one other thing I think I’ll do, just to practice the technique, is to straight-euro-lace another pair or two of my shoes. It was the first hit on the Googles, so not a major “find” by any means, but I think this page is pretty neat. What are you doing with the Internet that’s useful or cool?

Finally, soloshootsfirst made me change my password today for the first time. Who knew? I hope I remember the new one…

And Then It Was Thursday

Last evening, I missed LOST, but I doubt there was much to write home about.

Instead, Michelle drove up because she really wanted to go skiing on what very well might be the last cold week of the winter. We took a ride over to Mt. Morris and Nordic Mountain. It was pretty nice, without a lot of people, several runs open, and some fresh snow from the day before.

This was my second ski trip ever, but I impressed myself by actually advancing a little in a relatively short period of time. I think properly-fitting boots and thinking through how skiing should work were a big help (and that’s not to mention my very sexy ski instructor).

We had gone down a number runs by 8:30, and for some reason I patted myself down at that moment, because I had my phone, my ID, and my car key all in pockets inside my jacket.

As it turns out, it was right about then that I realized the car key was no longer present. I didn’t freak out too much– felt really stupid, more than anything. I don’t know why keeping something important in a pocket that doesn’t zip or button closed seemed like a good idea when we first got there, but…

I also felt sort of bad about ruining that last hour that was had on the hill for Michelle– I know this was probably the only chance she was going to get to ski this year, and she had been spending the majority of the night babysitting me on the way down each run.

So between about 8:40 and 9:25, I was fumbling around in the snow in the one spot that I really took a digger earlier in the night, to no avail. Michelle gave the heads-up to the staff people, and one of the patrol dudes came out and ran his poles around in the snow with us a little. One of them tried to be optimistic, saying maybe the groomer would pick it up the next day, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

How did we get home, you ask? I’m lucky that I have a network of reliable friends who know that I’m a douschebag here in Oshkosh. Dave Schrubbe ran over to my house to open the door and retrieve my extra car key, and then Joe and April drove out to meet us there so we could get back home. This, and Joe had a paper to write for today, too. I didn’t realize that when I asked if they could help us out…

When all was said and done, we were asleep by about midnight, which probably wasn’t that much later than we usually would’ve gone to bed.  My shoulders and ankles are a little more sore than usual, but, all things considered, we coasted into Thursday no worse for wear.