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A Couple Chilly Days En Route To a Warm Season

As I peer out the window and shake my head on this somewhat chilly April morning, I also took a minute to read Andrew Revkin’s Dot Earth blog from Friday in the New York Times online.  The piece talks about a paper that is set to be published in Geophysical Research Letters on the tendancy to see short-term cooling trends in an overall warming cycle for the planet.

Beyond just mention of that paper, though, he touches a bit on the importance of some standardization of terms and measurements when we (ALL of us) talk about climate change.  That’s sort of what I was getting at in that post from a couple weeks back where I mentioned the new climate literacy publication from the NOAA.  I think it’s great that this debate is moving out of the perceived realm of hippie fanaticism and into serious, mainstream science.  It’s the only way we’ll make notable progress toward solving the environmental problems of the 21st century.

Dodging That Bullet, To the Best of My Knowledge

Caught ‘The Opinionator’ column in the NYT today, which talked a bit about the dilemma of Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau (not that Jon Favreau).  Apparently there were some unsavory photos of him on a social networking site, engaged in shennanegans with a cardboard cutout of Senator Hilary Clinton.

My point here is not to weigh in on the electronic vetting process of the upcoming administration, but to wave my flag one more time in favor of STAYING AWAY from Facebook.  Also, if you’ve ever been denied my personal blessing to put pictures of me on the Internet, this story is basically a gold-plated case study to justify my feelings on that.

To everyone under 25 years of age posting idiodic, drunken, stoned, naked picutres of yourself on the web: I know it doesn’t seem like this could ever be a bad idea right now, but believe me when I say that 10 years is going to grant you a tremendous amount of insight.  When I was your age (can’t believe I just invoked that phrase), we had only “hard copies” of those embarrassing photographic moments, and for the most part, they stayed in the trusted hands of friends and lovers.  It was a vastly superior arrangement.  If you can maintain control of those photos, all the better.

So, the next time you’re uploading pics from your phone to Flickr, you may want to step back for a second and think about whether or not you’d like your future spouse, boss, mother-in-law, or child to see that one of you sprawled out on the porch, spread eagle and barely conscious at the end your housewarming party.

Because I know I wouldn’t.  And so it’s not there.

Energy Crisis!

Some tidbits from a New York Times article:

Gas Prices Soar, Posing a Threat to Family Budget
“For ordinary Americans like Phyllis Berry, a 31-year-old factory worker for General Motors in Cleveland, gasoline costs are starting to hurt.

“‘I used to fill it up pretty regularly, but now I drive it until the tank is almost empty, looking for the cheapest place to buy gas,’ said Ms. Berry, who drives a beat-up Dodge Caravan.

“She said that she used to take her four children to the movies four or five times a month. But with the cost of gas, tickets, popcorn and soda adding up to $70, they now go only once a month.”

Glad I don’t have kids. I can’t imagine what they would do to me if I couldn’t afford to go to the movies FOUR OR FIVE FRACKING TIMES A MONTH. These are tough times, ladies and gents. Tough, tough times…